Barlavento/Sotavento (Windward/Leeward)

After a two-month residency with Fundação Luso Americana (FLAD), this is one of the pieces that encapsulates a part of the artist’s research at Loulé.

Encountering the border that divides the Algarve into west and east - Barlavento and Sotavento, respectively. This boundary, shaped by the influence of winds and geomorphology, holds an uncertain and ancient historical origin.

The nautical term "Barlavento/Windward" holds particular significance, referring to the side of the sail receiving the wind - coincidentally where the prevailing winds in the Algarve blow - from the west.

Combining her research to the territory of Algarve, it became evident to materialize this invisible frontier in the exhibition space. Thus, the artist placed the recorded winds in their respective directions.

2x Audio loop each 8'00
2x Subwoofers  
2x Construction poles  
2x Amplifiers
(15-minute interval)

© 2023 Photographs by Vasco Célio