Weather Station

Component present in the Algarve region, which acts as a visual indicator of wind intensity.

This piece is inspired by the distinctive architectural elements of the Algarve, specifically the chimneys adorned with vent turbines. 

During the two-month residency with Fundação Luso Americana (FLAD), the observation of Algarve chimneys from the accommodation provided valuable insights of the present wind conditions, guiding the creation of works that aligned favourably with the wind. 

The recreation of the Algarve chimney, now in the exhibition space, is activated by the incorporation of a motor, whose movement is activated by random programming, thus seeking to authentically replicate the presence of the wind.

Stainless steel aeolian exhaust vent
Stainless steel exhaust pipe  
MDF wood
100 x 35 x 35 cm 

© 2023 Photograph by Vasco Célio (n.1) 
© 2023 Courtesy of the Artist (n.2)