Loop recreated from synthesiser.

The loop is more than a simple circular movement: it is a tribute to the cyclical essence of wind, more specifically that of the hurricane.  

This atmospheric phenomenon, considered the most extreme form of wind, is triggered by a significant difference in temperature between the sea and the atmosphere. Whirlwind's analogy lies in the circular shape of the vinyl itself, which becomes a visual reference to the circular and extreme movement of the hurricane. 

By recording this loop on vinyl, I recreate the circular movement characteristic of a hurricane. In the same way, the sound experience of the loop is designed to travel in a circular fashion between the ears, echoing the trajectory of the wind in its most intense manifestation.  

The reference to the Coriolis effect, a consequence of the Earth's rotational movement that gives the circular shape of the hurricane, adds a scientific layer to the interpretation, emphasising the complexity and harmony of the natural forces involved.      


MDF wood  
(15-minute interval)

© 2023 Courtesy of the Artist